Deerproofing Your Yard and Garden

deer-repellent-book.jpegAre you still having problems keeping the deer out of your garden and yard? Repellent Review has offered ways of using deer resistant plants to keep those pesky animals from nibbling every bud and bloom in site. We’ve shown you how electronic repellent devices can do more than keep the deer away. You’ve tried homemade deer repellent, and they’re still biting! Well if the scarecrow sprinkler couldn’t even deter the deer, you might give the book Deerproofing Your Yard and Garden a read. Learning why and how deer are attracted, and combating this, is this premise of the book.

Here are a few comments from others who’ve tried the ideas inside:

  • ‘This book should really be called 101 ideas for hopefully keeping deer at bay’
  • ‘an excellent book that tackles a critical wildlife management issue intelligently and without politics and rhetoric’
  • ‘This book has become the bible of deer resistant gardening for good reason’
  • ‘A range of strategies for keeping deer out of the garden’
  • ‘a lot of good ideas for deterring deer from one’s yard and covered all kinds of fencing options’

Repellent Review picked up a copy and found the chapter on landscaping with deer resistant plants helpful. The author, Rhonda Hart is an experienced gardener that discusses topics ranging from what plants to try in order to deter deer in specific zones, to the alternatives in building a deer-proof fence.

The authors keen insight into the habits and characteristics of the deer is entertaining and informative. Whether you’re a Gardening Grandmother, a reader of Gardening books, or the owner of an illegal garden, there’s a tip or two for you in this book.

Off! Powerpad Lamp Review

coupon-lamp-off-powerpad.jpgToday, Repellent Review is going to look at the Off! Powerpad Lamp. This SC Johnson product is similar to the thermacell lantern in that it’s purpose is to keep an area 15 x 15 sq. feet, free from bugs. You’d use this on a patio or around the barbeque. So how did the Powerpad lamp measure up? (Note: We recently did another review of this in 2017 and it still works as good as it did  in our review that we did 10 years ago!)

We used the Off! Powerpad lamp during an evening dinner on the back patio of a friends home. The Powerpad lamp we purchased was $25 at Amazon. The package contained one reusable lantern, and 1 repellent pad and candle. You can also assemble a 4 foot high pole to hang the repellent. We were disappointed that the Powerpad lamp contained only 1 repellent pad. One pad lasts for 4 hours. The Thermacell lantern comes with three pads for 12 hours of bug-free fun.

The lamp was ignited and the candle easily lit for us. The area that the Powerpad lamp was used in is prone to mosquitoes. If you aren’t wearing some type of bug repellent, you’re bound to catch a bite or two. Not good! So did it work?

The area stayed bug-free for the three hours we sat on the patio. No one received a bad bite. There were many bites of food taken, but those were good bites. Repellent review would recommend the Powerpad lamp, another great Off! repellent. However, we would also suggest that you pick up a refill pack when you order this great device. That way you will have three extra refills handy.

You can check the price of the Off! Powerpad Lamp by clicking below.