Squirrel Repellent | Squirrel Proof

squirrel-repellent.jpgUnfortunately, Squirrel Proof has been discontinued. Anyone who has had a squirrel problem knows they’re a difficult animal to repel. The squirrel in the pic by fuzzcat is such a problem. Squirrels may look and act cute at your local camp site. Get one or more in your back yard, and they can become a pest quickly. Our editor, Mike, made the blunder of feeding one of our little friends some pumpkin seeds. Big mistake. The squirrel wouldn’t leave, and started robbing the two bird feeders. It took a while, but Mike found a product that works to protect the seeds in his two bird feeders: Squirrel Proof.

Squirrel Proof is a non-toxic, all natural repellent against the squirrel population. This deterrent works by taking advantage of the biology of both birds and squirrels. The reason most squirrels hang around an area is because they’ve found a food source. It’s highly likely that food source is your bird feeder. Squirrel Proof works by treating the seeds you put in the feeder.

Biologically, squirrels are like humans. They can taste hot sensations. Studies conducted by Dr. Blumberg at the National Institute of Health determined birds can’t. Studies showed that birds either don’t have capsaicin receptors, or ones that aren’t sensitive to heat. Humans have these receptors, like squirrels, which produce the pain you receive when eating something spicy. Birds do prefer some tastes to others, but are not affected by the trademarked chili pepper ingredient Squirrel Proof uses.

Squirrel Proof was easy to use. The directions on the bottle are simple to follow. You basically mix it with the bird seed you put in your feeder. A bottle will treat 35 lbs of seed and costs less than $10.

The company also sells pre-treated bird seed, but it was so inexpensive and easy to use that Mike went with the bottle. This squirrel repellent worked. The squirrel soon stopped eating the bird seed. Here’s the best part though. Once the squirrel has been conditioned to associate with the bad taste and smell of the mix, you can spread the seed around your garden, or other areas the squirrel may be acting as a nuisance. Sprinkle Squirrel Proof around your bulbs before they’re stolen.

The Squirrel Proof squirrel repellent is a winner because it is used on a natural attractant. Usually bird seed is covered, so you don’t have to worry about it washing away. It worked for Mike, we hope it works for you. Unfortunately, Squirrel Proof has been discontinued.

Scarecrow Sprinkler Review

scarecrow-sprinkler-003.jpgThe Scarecrow Sprinkler is a motion-activated sprinkler with an age-old concept. Contech Electronics has taken the scarecrow out of the ground and placed it on top of a sprinkler head. The sprinkler acts as a deterrent in the garden or lawn by spraying unwanted animals ranging from deer, dogs, cats, rabbits, large birds or other unwanted animals. Connected to a garden hose and operated by a 9-volt battery, a startling blast of water and frightening noise scare the animals when they venture into your precious territory. Intruding pests quickly get out of the way of this natural repellent.

We put the scarecrow sprinkler to the test on a farm with 19 cats, a dog, and neighboring deer. Yes. You read that correctly. This cat owner keeps plenty of felines around to keep the mouse population under control. Unfortunately, visiting coyotes act as an even better cat repellent, so she likes to keep plenty on the premises.

The scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler can protect an area up to 1000 square feet in size. We were surprised how well the sprinkler worked. The dog was the first to get hit by the cold blast. The natural fight or flight survival response kicked in and he quickly learned to avoid the area. We adjusted the sensitivity of the unit for the cats, and the scarecrow sprinkler worked just as well.

Other reviewers of this sprinkler had the same high praise. ‘We bought the Scarecrow because of the problems we had with our neighbors cats.’ ‘It is safe, non-toxic and user friendly.’ ‘The Scarecrow did a great job of keeping the cats out of our yard. I was very impressed with it. I never heard it fire but left the hose attached and the device on all the time for the first week. The connections were tight and did not leak. The spike on the bottom of the device was strong enough and sturdy enough to survive being pounded into the tough Arizona ground.’

‘This is the only thing I have ever seen that is effective against armadillos.’

‘I would say that this scarecrow sprinkler is the best “Cat repellent” period. 2 thumbs up for this product. A+’

Yet, another reviewer commented on the scarecrow sprinkler as a deer repellent. ‘It is a god sent for the deer that visit my lawn every day. They destroy everything around if the scarcrow is not up and running.’

scarecrow-sprinkler-0043.jpgThis motion-activated Scarecrow sprinkler worked well as an animal deterrent. Congratulations to Contech Electronics for producing a safe, natural, electronic repellent. The scarecrow sprinkler is definitely worthy of 5 stars.

Read More testimonials praising the Scarecrow Sprinkler. Regulary $59.99 each. Buy 2 units for less.