Zikke Sonic Mole Repellent Review

My dad’s an avid gardener, and it seems that every year, there is some type of varmint that thinks my dad’s vegetables and tomatoes are theirs for the taking. The same event occurred this year in 2017.

The bottom of the beet roots disappeared and the culprit was a garden plot full of voles.

He knew that I ran this site and asked me if I had any ideas on how we could tackle this challenge. I decided to do some research and found the Zikke Professional Solar Mole Repellent Device that also works for vole, snake, gopher, shrew and other pests that can be a problem in the garden.

My dad told me that the beets were a lost cause but that he was curious about this device and asked me to pick a few up and we would see how they worked.


The effectiveness of this solar powered mole repeller is quite high according to many of the reviews that I have already read. It works by sending out sounds and vibrations and that creates a danger signal to pests such as rodents. These vibrations occur every few minutes and let rodents know that they should stay away from the area.

6000 feet of coverage is protected by this professional mole repeller. It’s perfect for getting rid of burrowing animals.

Easy Installation

This sonic pest repellent device was very easy to install. We opened the boxes and dug some small holes and stuck them in the ground. Our package came with two separate units so that we could space them out in separate areas of the garden. After putting them into the ground, it was as simple as flipping on and on off switch to see what they would do.

These run off the power of the sun. That saves you on battery and electricity costs. It’s nice using a device that doesn’t require continued refills or batteries.

Excellent Results

It only took a few days for the voles to completely disappear from the area. It’s too bad that we didn’t know about this device before the voles got ahold of my dad’s beets. There’s always next year and the year after that. In the future, we are prepared for any type of underground animal that tries to sneak away with the goods.

Harmless and Humane

The great thing about this repellent is that it does not hurt any type of animal when it is being used. We really didn’t want to have to set any traps or use chemicals to take care of this pest problem. No harm was done to any voles or my dad’s two dogs and 12 cats — yes, they have that many as they live on a farm.

Positive Recommendation

I would definitely say that these are worth buying as a sonic repellent for snake, gopher, shrew, vole or mole problems. Also, it’s really nice that you can send these back within a 30 day period if time if you are not 100 percent satisfied with how they work. I’m sure you will be after trying them, and I hope this review was helpful for making a decision.

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Snake Repellent | Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent

snake-away-01.jpgUsing the snake repellent, Snake-A-Way, is usually not needed. Most snakes will generally avoid conflict with man. On occasion though, situations warrant your use of a snake detterent. Snake-A-Way is one such repellent that Repellent Review has chosen to take a look at.

Snakes will unintentionally enter your environment looking for food or shelter. These cold-blooded lizards enjoy nesting in wood or rock piles. It’s advisable to remove those types of snake bait first, if possible. Rodents are another snake attractant. Having a high number of these pests around will invite hungry snakes. The snakes could act as a natural rodent repellent, but obviously that’s not wanted. Your first step would be to find a suitable repellent for the rodents. After you’ve exhausted these methods, and still have a snake problem, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Snake-A-Way is one choice.

So how does Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way snake repellent work?

You apply the deterrent around the perimeter you want to protect. That might include a child’s play area, picnic spot, or patio. 1 pound of the granular material will provide over 60 feet of protection for around $4. When a snake comes in contact with your barrier line, it will interfer with the snake’s sensory mechanism. Biologically, the Jacobson’s organ (an extrasensory organ located in the roof of the mouth of the snake), works in combination with the highly sensitive tongue of the snake. Snake-A-Way takes advantage of this by creating a vapor using Napthalene. It acts to repel the snake when it enters the environment and senses the Snake-A-Way granules. The big question then is, does this snake repellent work? Because Snake-A-Way has been extensively tested by the EPA on a variety of snake species, we chose to provide excerpts of those findings:

  • Snake-A-Way is EPA approved
  • Snake repellent tested and used by the military during the Gulf War
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Snake-A-Way has been University tested
  • Still effective after normal rainfall
  • This snake repellent lasts up to 3 months

Snake-A-Way was shown to be highly effective on most species of snakes tested.

  • Around 90-100% effective against Rattlesnakes, Copperhead snakes, coral, Eastern hognose, and garter snakes
  • 75% effective against the Black Racer
  • Repels around 50% of Burmese pythons, and Yellow rat snakes
  • Only around 20% effective against Cottonmouths or Red rat snakes

The studies indicate Snake-A-Way is highly effective on most snake species. It is interesting that it loses it’s efficacy as a repellent on the Cottonmouth. If you are aware of the type of snake you are dealing with, it will make your job of repelling them that much easier.

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Based on the military testing, and EPA backing, we’re giving the Snake-A-Way snake repellent a big thumbs up for deterring our reptilian friends. Remember, most snakes you snake-repellent-01.jpgcome in contact with are usually non-poisonous. It doesn’t hurt to play it safe though.

You can find Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way repellent online.