Buzz Off Clothes

buzz-off-clothing.jpgRepellent Review has completed reviews on Buzz Off Clothing, and Mumz Garden apparel where we discussed how these clothes help to repel insects. We’ve now come across an outdoor veteran who has great praise for Buzz Off clothes.

Chester Allen from The Olympian writes, ‘In past years, I’ve gritted my teeth and slathered on eye- watering amounts of DEET bug sprays. Those sprays work, but they melt the plastic on my fly lines. That makes me wonder what that stuff is doing to ME…

So, I just put on a Buzz Off shirt, a Bug Bam! wristband on my wrist — and another Bug Bam! wristband on the back of my cap — and went off to fish Soda Butte Creek.

I didn’t get bitten once.’

Buzz Off clothing kept him protected through the eight days spent in Yellowstone National Park where he fished the streams and rivers. The area definitely qualifies as being bug infested.

He states, ‘But this new stuff works like nothing else I’ve tried during 38 years outdoors with fanged, flying insects.’

Those are high accolades for Buzz Off clothing. Mr. Allen purchased two shirts, two bandanas, and a hat with Buzz Off repellent.

Buzz Off Clothing: 1 Bugs: 0

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Sawyer Insect Repellent Review

sawyer-insect-repellent-on-top.jpgRepellent Review recently had a chance to check out another insect repellent made for clothing. This time around we got our hands on some insect repellent from Sawyer Products. We picked up their Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment for around $7, and went to work.

Sawyer insect repellent is similar to the Buzz Off Clothing repellent we’ve reviewed. The main difference is that Buzz Off bonds permethrin to the fabric. Sawyer insect repellent is a stand-alone product in which you soak your clothing or material you want to deter bugs. The repellent Permethrin, is an insecticide that was registered with the EPA, and put on the market in 1977. This pyrethroid basically repels or kills insects on contact. Sawyer insect repellent contains less than 1% permethrin.

We chose to test this insect repellent using a mosquito net, and two of our four-memeber crew would use it on their clothes. Four of our friends were heading out camping and fishing for the weekend and knew the area was bound to have a few mosquitoes.

The insect repellent came in a 9 oz. can, and Sawyer states the insect repellent is effective for 6 launderings, so we figured it would definitely last the three days our crew would be camping. Tough life!

Did it work?

Paul said, “It worked well. There were mosquitoes around the campsite, but I didn’t get bit wearing the clothing. (Sawyer insect repellent also repels and kills ticks, chiggers and mites). It did take a little time spraying my clothing beforehand. I might try their soaking method next time (Sawyer also carries an insect repellent that you soak your clothing in).” Another member of the crew Stephanie stated, “I thought putting the stuff on the mosquito net was a great idea. None of us were bit at night. I did receive one bite on my neck, but with as many mosquitoes that were around I think that was not too bad. Maybe I missed spraying that area. It doesn’t have a bad odor, which I thought it might. It works.”

We thought using the Sawyer insect repellent with the mosquito net would give us a good idea on its effectiveness. It seemed to work well, and we’d suggest you try this for your next camping trip.sawyer-insect-repellent1.jpg

Repellent review feels Sawyer Insect Repellent is an effective repellent. We’d suggest you might try the military style brand and soak instead of spray. It’s a little cheaper, and it may be more effective covering all of the material you’re using.