Off! Powerpad Lamp Review

coupon-lamp-off-powerpad.jpgToday, Repellent Review is going to look at the Off! Powerpad Lamp. This SC Johnson product is similar to the thermacell lantern in that it’s purpose is to keep an area 15 x 15 sq. feet, free from bugs. You’d use this on a patio or around the barbeque. So how did the Powerpad lamp measure up? (Note: We recently did another review of this in 2017 and it still works as good as it did  in our review that we did 10 years ago!)

We used the Off! Powerpad lamp during an evening dinner on the back patio of a friends home. The Powerpad lamp we purchased was $25 at Amazon. The package contained one reusable lantern, and 1 repellent pad and candle. You can also assemble a 4 foot high pole to hang the repellent. We were disappointed that the Powerpad lamp contained only 1 repellent pad. One pad lasts for 4 hours. The Thermacell lantern comes with three pads for 12 hours of bug-free fun.

The lamp was ignited and the candle easily lit for us. The area that the Powerpad lamp was used in is prone to mosquitoes. If you aren’t wearing some type of bug repellent, you’re bound to catch a bite or two. Not good! So did it work?

The area stayed bug-free for the three hours we sat on the patio. No one received a bad bite. There were many bites of food taken, but those were good bites. Repellent review would recommend the Powerpad lamp, another great Off! repellent. However, we would also suggest that you pick up a refill pack when you order this great device. That way you will have three extra refills handy.

You can check the price of the Off! Powerpad Lamp by clicking below.

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent #1

thermacell-lantern.jpegThe July 2006 issue of Good Housekeeping has a review of mosquito repellent options ranging from sprays and candles to tabletop repellents. The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent lantern was chosen as the #1 product.

Repellent Review isn’t surprised with the results. The US Army has used Thermacell units where tests showed up to 98% protection. You can read our review of the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent lantern here.) Our friend Warren gave a great review of the lantern and uses it in a fun way during early evening barbeques.

As an area mosquito repellent, (area mosquito repellents keep a zone, or designated area such as a patio, bug free) we’d have to agree with Good Housekeeping. The Thermacell lantern is a great mosquito repellent. Stay tuned. We’ll be giving a review of a competitor to the Thermacell lantern to see how it stacks up.

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