SSSCat Cat Repellent Review

ssscat-cat-repellent.jpgMoving a cat into unfamiliar surroundings can often lead to behavior problems. Repellent Review came across such a situation allowing a test of the SSSCat Cat repellent. Two unruly cats, Albert and Carmen, recently moved into a new house with their owner, Kay. The cats started showing behavioral problems in the new environment immediately.There were three main problems the SSSCat cat deterrent needed to solve. The first challenge was trying to stop the cats from scratching the furniture. Kay had bought a new couch and loveseat when she moved in. Both cats were ignoring their cat scratcher and wreaking havoc with the furniture. Urine spraying in unwanted areas was the second challenge. One cat was urinating in a corner of the living room, and the other cat on the loveseat. The final problem involved trying to keep the cats off of the kitchen counter.

What is the SSSCat repellent and how does it work?

SSSCat is a safe cat repellent that contains a battery operated motion detector with sound and spray options. The first option allows you to both spray and frighten the cat with a neutral spray that is completely safe and humane. The sound produced by the SSSCat unit is a constant loud noise. Cats learn to develop comfort zones. By placing the SSSCat canister in the paths of the zones, the cats learn to modify their patterns. The cat repellent acts as a negative stimulus in the zone, and the cat soon learns to avoid the area.

Two canisters were used in Kay’s home. One repellent was placed near the couch, while the other was set near the loveseat where unwanted urine spraying was taking place.

Kay heard the alarm go off twice the first night after the canisters were set up. The following night, Coby, her son, heard the alarm. The cannister was periodically moved around the couch to turn it into a forbidden zone. The second cannister of cat repellent was moved first around the loveseat, then around the spots where the cats were spraying, and finally to the kitchen counter. It was also important to give positive reinforcements to the cats by taking them to the cat scratcher or showing them praise when they used their litterbox.

Within a few weeks, the SSSCat cat repellent had proved a solution to the behavior problems. No more cats scratching the furniture. Urine spraying stopped and cats stayed off the counters.

Other reviewers of the SSSCat repellent had similar success with the deterrent. ‘This product is great because it catches the cat in the act when you are not home, sleeping, in the other room, etc…We have had this product for about a month but we saw an immediate difference. Another reviewer using the product a long period of time stated that the spray lasts a few months to a year. Often, just using the sound option is enough of a deterrent after the cat has been sprayed a few times.

ssscat-cat-repellent-image.jpegBased on the positive results seen with Albert and Carmen, Repellent Review gives the SSSCat cat repellent 5 stars. It’s safe method of changing cat behavior problems was a success. The ability to stop cats from scratching the furniture, urine spraying, and keeping cats off the counter, created a much more pleasant environment.

Scarecrow Sprinkler Review

scarecrow-sprinkler-003.jpgThe Scarecrow Sprinkler is a motion-activated sprinkler with an age-old concept. Contech Electronics has taken the scarecrow out of the ground and placed it on top of a sprinkler head. The sprinkler acts as a deterrent in the garden or lawn by spraying unwanted animals ranging from deer, dogs, cats, rabbits, large birds or other unwanted animals. Connected to a garden hose and operated by a 9-volt battery, a startling blast of water and frightening noise scare the animals when they venture into your precious territory. Intruding pests quickly get out of the way of this natural repellent.

We put the scarecrow sprinkler to the test on a farm with 19 cats, a dog, and neighboring deer. Yes. You read that correctly. This cat owner keeps plenty of felines around to keep the mouse population under control. Unfortunately, visiting coyotes act as an even better cat repellent, so she likes to keep plenty on the premises.

The scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler can protect an area up to 1000 square feet in size. We were surprised how well the sprinkler worked. The dog was the first to get hit by the cold blast. The natural fight or flight survival response kicked in and he quickly learned to avoid the area. We adjusted the sensitivity of the unit for the cats, and the scarecrow sprinkler worked just as well.

Other reviewers of this sprinkler had the same high praise. ‘We bought the Scarecrow because of the problems we had with our neighbors cats.’ ‘It is safe, non-toxic and user friendly.’ ‘The Scarecrow did a great job of keeping the cats out of our yard. I was very impressed with it. I never heard it fire but left the hose attached and the device on all the time for the first week. The connections were tight and did not leak. The spike on the bottom of the device was strong enough and sturdy enough to survive being pounded into the tough Arizona ground.’

‘This is the only thing I have ever seen that is effective against armadillos.’

‘I would say that this scarecrow sprinkler is the best “Cat repellent” period. 2 thumbs up for this product. A+’

Yet, another reviewer commented on the scarecrow sprinkler as a deer repellent. ‘It is a god sent for the deer that visit my lawn every day. They destroy everything around if the scarcrow is not up and running.’

scarecrow-sprinkler-0043.jpgThis motion-activated Scarecrow sprinkler worked well as an animal deterrent. Congratulations to Contech Electronics for producing a safe, natural, electronic repellent. The scarecrow sprinkler is definitely worthy of 5 stars.

Read More testimonials praising the Scarecrow Sprinkler. Regulary $59.99 each. Buy 2 units for less.