Off Skintastic Mosquito Repellent Review

off-skintastic-mosquito-repellant.jpegWe have heard good things about the Off Skintastic mosquito repellents made by the group at SC Johnson, and decided to give one of these deterrents the run through.

The Off Skintastic insect repellent family of products is designed for a light level of protection, much like the Avon Bug guard product line is.  The major difference is that these insect repellents contain DEET to repel against pests ranging from mosquitoes and gnats to chiggers and fleas. The percentage of DEET in the Skintastic line is around 5%, but varies between each repellent.  SC Johnson also carries a mosquito repellent for the sportsman with 98% DEET, while their Deep Woods Off repellent has 25% DEET.  The skintastic repellent we chose to review would be tested at a Father’s Day picnic.

Repellent Review picked a park that had a pond in the middle with various insects and other animals dwelling there.  We chose the Non Greasy Off Skintastic spray, because it was the least expensive, and there were men in the test group who objected to using the tropical fresh brand.  I won’t list any names Bob and Jeff.

The picnic lasted a couple of hours.  The spray was initially applied to areas of exposed skin such as arms, shoulders and necks.  We were careful to avoid spraying the repellent on our hands and especially the hands of the children since we’d be eating.  The Skintastic repellent wasn’t greasy or filmy feeling as some lotions and sprays tend to be.  There were mosquitoes in the area, and especially prevalent by the pond.  So how did Skintastic fare in our test?

One reviewer told me, “I’m usually a magnet for mosquitoes.  This stuff seems to work.  I noticed a mosquito land on my arm, but fly away after a few seconds.”  Another reviewer was more interested in getting a piece of chicken than reviewing the repellent.  A third person stated, “I like that this doesn’t stink.  You can’t really tell you’re wearing it at all.  I didn’t get bit.”  The last person reviewed summed it up best, “I was surprised at how quickly this dried.  Most bug sprays feel oily on the skin.  That’s no good when you live in an area that’s humid.  This repellent wasn’t like that at all.  I usually get bit, but I’m bite free today.  My husband has used the Deep Woods Off spray, and it works for him when he goes hunting.  I would buy this product.”

Of the 12 people who tried the Skintastic deterrent, only one received a mosquito bite.  This person spent most of their time near the pond feeding the ducks.  The mosquitoes were thick, and he may have been better off reapplying the repellent, or using one of the products with a higher percentage of DEET.

Based on our overall results, Repellent Review would use Off Skintastic mosquito repellent again for an activity such as this, and gives it a positive review.


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