Mosquito Barrier

mosquito-barrier-image.jpegConsumers looking for a natural mosquito repellent that is both environmentally safe and effective have limited choices. Repellent review has chosen to look at one of those repellents, Mosquito Barrier. This natural deterrent contains no harmful poisons or chemicals. The key ingredient behind Mosquito Barrier is sulfur. Very potent garlic cloves are used to make a strong, garlic smelling liquid. The garlic contains a natural sulfur which acts to deter insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. The use of garlic as a natural insect repellent has been practiced for many years. Mosquitoes have a sense of smell 10 thousand times as strong as humans. The nasty garlic odor will disappear for us within a few hours, but last for weeks for the flying pests. Obviously it would be a challenge to use garlic in any area of large size. Mosquito Barrier has solved that problem.

The natural sulfur in Mosquito Barrier kills the mosquitoes on contact. After the initial spraying, mosquitoes will detect the garlic sulfur and stay away from the area. It’s best to spray mosquito barrier during the cooler parts of the day. Early morning between 8 to 10 AM, or early evening after 6 PM are recommended. Mosquito Barrier is not to be used directly on the skin. Spray this repellent on grass, shrubs, or other areas around your environment. Spraying in standing water will actually suffocate mosquito larvae according to a scientific lab report performed by a major U.S. mosquito abatement district.

A recent reviewer of the product stated, ‘I had basically quit using my patio because I was tired of bites and risk of West Nile. I also dislike using nasty chemicals that eradicate all life from my yard. I sprayed my yard (10K sqft) with Mosquito Barrier two weeks ago, and have not seen a single mosquito since. I’m sold!’

Other positive testominials on the efficacy of mosquito barrier include readers of the Detroit News. ‘According to published reports, Garlic Barrier and Mosquito Barrier have also proven to be an effective deterrent to fleas, gnats, rabbits, deer, geese and even armadillos.’

With threats of West Nile Virus and Triple E becoming more prevalent, protecting your yard from the nuisance of ticks, mosquitoes or other pests is a necessity. The garlic-based natural mosquito repellent, Mosquito Barrier, should help act as an effective mosquito control.

Mosquito Barrier can be found online for quantities ranging in size between 1 qt. and 1 gallon.