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squirrel-repellent.jpgUnfortunately, Squirrel Proof has been discontinued. Anyone who has had a squirrel problem knows they’re a difficult animal to repel. The squirrel in the pic by fuzzcat is such a problem. Squirrels may look and act cute at your local camp site. Get one or more in your back yard, and they can become a pest quickly. Our editor, Mike, made the blunder of feeding one of our little friends some pumpkin seeds. Big mistake. The squirrel wouldn’t leave, and started robbing the two bird feeders. It took a while, but Mike found a product that works to protect the seeds in his two bird feeders: Squirrel Proof.

Squirrel Proof is a non-toxic, all natural repellent against the squirrel population. This deterrent works by taking advantage of the biology of both birds and squirrels. The reason most squirrels hang around an area is because they’ve found a food source. It’s highly likely that food source is your bird feeder. Squirrel Proof works by treating the seeds you put in the feeder.

Biologically, squirrels are like humans. They can taste hot sensations. Studies conducted by Dr. Blumberg at the National Institute of Health determined birds can’t. Studies showed that birds either don’t have capsaicin receptors, or ones that aren’t sensitive to heat. Humans have these receptors, like squirrels, which produce the pain you receive when eating something spicy. Birds do prefer some tastes to others, but are not affected by the trademarked chili pepper ingredient Squirrel Proof uses.

Squirrel Proof was easy to use. The directions on the bottle are simple to follow. You basically mix it with the bird seed you put in your feeder. A bottle will treat 35 lbs of seed and costs less than $10.

The company also sells pre-treated bird seed, but it was so inexpensive and easy to use that Mike went with the bottle. This squirrel repellent worked. The squirrel soon stopped eating the bird seed. Here’s the best part though. Once the squirrel has been conditioned to associate with the bad taste and smell of the mix, you can spread the seed around your garden, or other areas the squirrel may be acting as a nuisance. Sprinkle Squirrel Proof around your bulbs before they’re stolen.

The Squirrel Proof squirrel repellent is a winner because it is used on a natural attractant. Usually bird seed is covered, so you don’t have to worry about it washing away. It worked for Mike, we hope it works for you. Unfortunately, Squirrel Proof has been discontinued.

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  1. Could you please inform me where I can find “squirrel proof” in the Bristol, RI area. I have one very nice bird feeder that is gravity use (when a squirrel jumps on the cage blocks off the food. I have two open feeders that is my problem. I’ve tried cayenne pepper, but it lasts only a couple especilly in the spring with all the rain. Please respond!

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