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coupon-lamp-off-powerpad.jpgToday, Repellent Review is going to look at the Off! Powerpad Lamp. This SC Johnson product is similar to the thermacell lantern in that it’s purpose is to keep an area 15 x 15 sq. feet, free from bugs. You’d use this on a patio or around the barbeque. So how did the Powerpad lamp measure up? (Note: We recently did another review of this in 2017 and it still works as good as it did  in our review that we did 10 years ago!)

We used the Off! Powerpad lamp during an evening dinner on the back patio of a friends home. The Powerpad lamp we purchased was $25 at Amazon. The package contained one reusable lantern, and 1 repellent pad and candle. You can also assemble a 4 foot high pole to hang the repellent. We were disappointed that the Powerpad lamp contained only 1 repellent pad. One pad lasts for 4 hours. The Thermacell lantern comes with three pads for 12 hours of bug-free fun.

The lamp was ignited and the candle easily lit for us. The area that the Powerpad lamp was used in is prone to mosquitoes. If you aren’t wearing some type of bug repellent, you’re bound to catch a bite or two. Not good! So did it work?

The area stayed bug-free for the three hours we sat on the patio. No one received a bad bite. There were many bites of food taken, but those were good bites. Repellent review would recommend the Powerpad lamp, another great Off! repellent. However, we would also suggest that you pick up a refill pack when you order this great device. That way you will have three extra refills handy.

You can check the price of the Off! Powerpad Lamp by clicking below.

12 thoughts on “Off! Powerpad Lamp Review”

  1. Found the Off! PowerPad Lamps at Menard’s, but they apparently don’t carry the refills. Planned obsolescence? Still looking…

  2. Why is the buy one, get one free still being advertized on the TV if the offer is no longer available. I just saw it ten minutes ago.

  3. Did this product keep away flies and other insect pests?

    Thermalcell says its lantern repells flies and other flying pests.

  4. The chemical used in this product is called d-cis/trans allethrin, this is the same chemical used in the Thermacell product. PLEASE READ THE SAFETY WARNINGS ON YOUR PACKAGING!! This chemical is not safe for inhalation. The OFF! product works by creating a cloud of volatilized d-cis/trans allethrin into the air, this is how they repel the mosquitos. In order to be in the “mosquito protection” area, you need to be in the cloud of this volatilized d-cis/trans allethrin. If you read the safety warning on this packaging, it is clear that this material is “hazardous to humans and domestic animals” and they caution you that this chemical is “Harmful if swallowed or inhaled” – this is right from their packaging. If you are to use this product to effectively repel the mosquitos you are exposing yourself and your family to dangerous chemicals. There are natural alternatives to this product, such as a product called the BugStorm Shield ( which use natural & safe materials to repel mosquitos and other flying insects. This is a good alternative, and there are likely others as well. Just PLEASE read the safety warnings on the packaging for products like the OFF! and Thermacell products, don’t let them scare you into poisoning yourself and your family.

  5. We’ll allow this posted comment with the reminder that tampering with products does mean you are doing so at your own risk.

  6. These S.C.Johnson products are made just “down the road” from me. Refills can be purchased at Costco in Canada for a very reasonable price.

  7. I have to agree with Eric. I don’t get this. The S.C. Johnson web site designed to advertise their bug repellent products,, has a precaution for this product stating “Avoid breathing vapours”. This product works by releasing vapour and the insects stay out of the area filled with the vapour. So to protect yourself you need to sit in the area of vapour and, well, breath. Or are they just worried about you directly inhaling the vapours from the lamp (which still implies the vapour isn’t safe).

    The BugStorm web site isn’t much better. They don’t tell you what chemical they use, they just state it is natural. Well allethrin is a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insecticide, pyrethrin,
    found in the pyrethum flower. So if the OFF product used pyrethrin instead could it claim to be natural and thus harmless? Arsenic is natural, that doesn’t make it harmless.

    Here is a link to a WHO report on allethrin. They basically conclude that it is no danger to people when used properly.

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