Mosquito Trappers | You Thought Your Job Was Rough

How would you like to spend your summer trapping mosquitoes? That’s exactly the job that two county employees near Stroudsburg, PA get paid to do. If you can’t deter the mosquitoes, round ’em up instead. The job has it’s downfalls though. They get eaten alive.

‘”You can walk in the woods and have 20 on you,” said Judy Cherepko. “We are probably the most chewed up people in the county.”‘

Judy Cherepko and Mike Pula spend most of their day setting traps for those annoying mosquitoes. Dry ice, fans, and battery-powered units suck in the pesky insects. One trap caught a many as 1300 mosquitoes this season.

Mosquitoes are sent to the state Department of Environmental Protection to detect if they carry the West Nile virus.

The fearless pair also spend their time spraying insects for periods as long as four to five hours. They’re not afraid to warn about the hazards mosquitoes can cause either, or good mosquito prevention techniques.

‘”If we see tires at somebody’s house we’ll stop and ask them to clean it up,” Cherepko said.’

Repellent Review gives a thumbs up to these two County workers. Without them and others who work on controlling our mosquito population, we’d be getting bit that much more.

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