Deer Resistant Plant

potentilla.jpegA hungry deer will eat about anything. If the gardener has a choice though, it’s better to put in a deer resistant plant than one the deer love to devour. The potentilla to the left is a nice example of a deer resistant plant with a little color.

The Repellent Review decided to do some research on finding plants that would deter deer, and came up with a few great resources.

Patti Simons has the goal of publishing a book on the deer resistant plant and gardening in deer country. She’s been able to produce a cottage style garden that deer travel through without eating everything in site! She has a great resource of around 200 plants that are categorized as to resistance. Remember, resistant means less tasty when you’re dealing with deer. They still may nibble.

Another resource for deer resistant plants we found helpful is hosted by Beth Jarvis and David Bavero. They list a number of annuals ranging from ,zinnia, periwinkle, and French marigolds to perennials like sage, flax and baby’s breath.

It’s really hit or miss with the deer. Other factors for deer eating your plants include the plant’s stage of maturity. Young plants are tender and more favorable. Another factor may be that the deer population in your area may be large. Deer must compete for food and are willing to eat deer resistant plants. Or maybe the deer in your area just enjoy munching on the plant you thought was deer resistant.

If you’re making that addition to your garden, and you’ve been plagued by hungry deer, we hope we’ve given you some helpin finding a deer resistant plant or two which will meet your deer repellent needs.

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