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buzz-off-clothing.jpgRepellent Review has completed reviews on Buzz Off Clothing, and Mumz Garden apparel where we discussed how these clothes help to repel insects. We’ve now come across an outdoor veteran who has great praise for Buzz Off clothes.

Chester Allen from The Olympian writes, ‘In past years, I’ve gritted my teeth and slathered on eye- watering amounts of DEET bug sprays. Those sprays work, but they melt the plastic on my fly lines. That makes me wonder what that stuff is doing to ME…

So, I just put on a Buzz Off shirt, a Bug Bam! wristband on my wrist — and another Bug Bam! wristband on the back of my cap — and went off to fish Soda Butte Creek.

I didn’t get bitten once.’

Buzz Off clothing kept him protected through the eight days spent in Yellowstone National Park where he fished the streams and rivers. The area definitely qualifies as being bug infested.

He states, ‘But this new stuff works like nothing else I’ve tried during 38 years outdoors with fanged, flying insects.’

Those are high accolades for Buzz Off clothing. Mr. Allen purchased two shirts, two bandanas, and a hat with Buzz Off repellent.

Buzz Off Clothing: 1 Bugs: 0

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