Deer Repellent That Worked Too Well

A Christmas tree farmer, Jim Boswell, was having a difficult time with deer eating his evergreen trees. This third-generation farmer had to find a deer repellent that would work, or lose his business. Neighbors frowned on his use of shooting guns, and carrying a crossbow. Deer repellent sprays weren’t working either.

Repellent Review would have told Jim he’d probably need to use a combination of proven deer repellent techniques, as just spraying is not as effective. Well he did find a repellent that worked for him. The Critter Blaster Pro, an electronic repellent that produces annoying sounds such as beeps, whistles and screeching sounds. We searched ebay and found this repellent available for $488 to $594. For that price it should work great. It did!

This electronic deer repellent worked so well that his neighbors took him to court. Not only was it annoying the deer, but the neighbors too! Regarding his use of the repellent Mr. Boswell commented, ‘”I am just trying to make a living the old-fashioned way – by farming.”… Boswell’s family has been growing Christmas trees in the Skippack area since the 1940s. “I just want to sell my trees.”‘

Boswell believed he could legally use the deterrent. ‘Like other farming states, Pennsylvania has laws aimed at protecting agriculture. In 1982, as housing developments began eating away at suburban farmland, the state enacted the Right to Farm Act to protect farmers from new residents who might complain about the smells and sounds of farming in their developing neighborhoods.

The law states that any municipality with a nuisance ordinance must exempt agricultural operations that do not have a “direct, adverse effect on the public health and safety.”‘

The Critter Blaster Pro animal repellent can go as high as 112 decibels. Boswell claims he set it at 55 decibels. He’s still fighting his neighbors in court

Repellent Review would suggest using the Critter Blaster Pro electronic deer repellent device if you reside in a rural area with NO neighbors.

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