Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Appliance

thermacell-repellent-im1.jpg One of our buddies, Jeff, loves to camp and swears by the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Appliance. We asked him if he’d be willing to give us some feedback on this deterrent.  Here’s his opinion on the Thermacell repellent.

Repellent Review: We know you’re a big camper Jeff, and have heard you mention Thermacell repellents to us. Would you tell us exactly what these are and how they work to deter mosquitoes.

Jeff: Sure. I mainly use the mosquito repellent appliance that Thermacell makes. It’s a little unit that uses refillable butane cartridges. You use an electronic igniter to start the repellent. The Thermacell cartridges heat up enough to release vapor into the air. Thermacell figured out that mosquitoes don’t like a certain natuaral insecticide found in some types of chrysanthemum. So. Thermacell put the repellent on these cartridges and the vapor goes into the air around you, protecting you from mosquitoes and other bugs.

Repellent Review: Does the Thermacell unit produce an odor?

Jeff:  No.  That’s one of the benefits.  I also avoid having to put as much bug repellent on my body.  I’ll go into an area that may be thick with mosquitoes or black flies.  Fire up the Thermacell appliance, and within a half hour the bugs disappear.  I’ve used it in the boat, fishing, or at my campsite.  It really cuts down on getting bit.

Repellent Review: That’s great.  You mentioned that the Thermacell repellent uses cartridges.  How long do they last?

Jeff:  One of the Thermacell cartridges will usually last me through a couple mornings of fishing plus a night camping.  Thermacell claims it lasts around 12 hours, and I’d say that’s accurate.  I usually buy a 4-pack of the butane cartridges for around $20.  I’ve found some good deals on them at ebay.  Well worth the money to avoid being eaten alive.

Repellent Review:  Is there anthing else you’d like to mention?

thermacell-repellent-im2.jpgJeff:  I think that covers it.  I’d recommend Thermacell for anyone wanting a portable mosquito repellent.

      Thermacell repellents can be found here online.

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