Mosquito Repellent Use of Avon Skin-So-Soft

You’ve probably heard that Avon Skin-So-Soft can be used as a mosquito repellent if you’re reading this. Opinions are that it is actually not that effective a deterrent at keeping these nasty critters off your skin. I recently read the following thoughts.

‘Skin So Soft — a body lotion — has been kind of an underground bug repellent, thanks to its powerful aroma (some people love it, some hate it). Avon never marketed it as bug juice because that would mean it would have to undergo all sorts of testing and regulatory hoop-jumping. I was always skeptical of its efficacy. In any case, Avon knew a business opportunity when it saw one, and now it offers a full line of DEET-free bug repellents.’

Repellent Review has since looked at this line of mosquito barrier lotions.

‘I have yet to test Avon bug juice on my own flesh, but when the bugs are really biting, DEET products are the only thing I really trust. Yes, DEET is very toxic and it has to be used carefully, especially on kids.’

Since one of our quests is to find productive ways to repel mosquitoes and other bugs, we will have to explore the deterrents Avon has to offer.

Mosquito Repellent Use of Avon Skin-So-Soft

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