Mosquito Repellent Ringtone

It seems that a tiny, two-employee Welsh company, is planning on making it big with their mosquito repellent ringtone. Repellent review finds this repellent amusing. The company, Compound Security, actually makes a Mosquito alarm. The only difference is this alarm is for teenagers, and not mosquitoes. Most adults gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds as they get older. Compound Security designed an electronic repellent that would play the alarm at UK Shopping malls. Younger people who may be loitering would hear the annoying sound and leave while shopping adults would hear nothing.

The opportunity to capitalize came along after a savvy teenager turned the high frequncy sound into a ringtone, code name, mosquito. The company has decided to mass market an official version of the ringtone called “Mosquitotone”. An interesting twist on repellents. We have no opinion on this one

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