Military Tested Mosquito Repellent Achieves Impressive Results

mosquito-repellent-063006.jpg We’ve recently completed two reviews on mosquito repellent equipment produced by the group at Thermacell. Both of the repellents tested were given high marks by our reviewers and given a thumbs up by Repellent Review. Warren used the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent lantern in a practical way, while Jeff used the Thermacell Appliance while camping. One thing that was not really mentioned in the reviews was the extensive testing completed on the Thermacell repellents by our U.S. Army.

Our military troops get sent all over the world to some of the nastiest, pest-infested places you can imagine. Jungles, swamps, rainforest, you name it. We’ve seen where the military has tested and used Snake-A-Way repellent during the Gulf War to combat against snakes. It seems the U.S. Army has also tested repellents for mosquitoes which show some very positive results.

Through a cooperative research agreement involving The Schawbel Corporation and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Thermacell Area Repellent System was tested by United States Army Units. Results were impressive. The Thermacell units achieved a 98% protection rate against getting bit by a mosquito. This is especially important for those troops exposed to malaria vectors in places like Korea where the field tests were conducted.

Another study evaluating the efficacy of the Thermacell equipment was conducted in an area near the Pan Mun Jom in 1998. Thermacell was field tested in open guard posts and bunkers. Mosquito activity was recorded before and after treatment. Control sites using no Thermacell treatment were established.

The levels of protection ranged from 81% to 98% using Thermacell. These excellent results are the best seen so far for a mosquito repellent product used as an area repellent.

Having the same access to products the U.S. Military uses to repel mosquitoes is fortunatethermacell-camouflage.jpeg for you and I. With nasty diseases like West Nile Virus possibly lurking in the next mosquito, it’s a relief you can rely on repellents tested by the military.

You can find Thermacell Repellent devices online.

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